Our Services

StreamComm provides top-tier software design and development services for both medium to large enterprises and government agencies. We have a solid reputation for building user-frienly systems that are also highly-available. Our systems are fully redundant and highly secure.

We handle everything from the initial system design and architecture down to the smallest implementation details. We start with your requirements and work with you to design everything including the user interactions, security models, and infrastructure to run the system. StreamComm has the capability to host your system in the cloud, complete with built-in redundancy and geographic dispersion if needed. We ensure each component can scale to handle thousands or even millions of potential users.

Our Approach

Our approach to design is unparalleled in the industry. Most software shops reinvent the wheel on every project while we use proven concepts and proven design methodologies that we've refined over the years. The typical consulting company designs a product that may be able to do the job if conditions are just right, but they don't stick around long enough to see the consequences of their design decisions.

The same is true of the developers they employ. The sad fact is that most software developers are never held accountable to fix their own bugs. The result is that they never learn from their bad habits and never learn what good software design is made of. They use the same "design patterns" that everyone else uses without regard for the proper place to use those patterns. The client ends up with a complicated system that is unusable and unmaintainable. We design systems with maintainability, usability, and extensibility in mind so that our clients have a system that will withstand the test of time.


First and foremost in any design should be the security of the information a system contains as well as the privacy of any personally identifiable data it stores. Our team has experts in the field of security and cryptography who are dedicated to protecting information and access to it. Encryption is only a small part of that mission. It is not enough to encrypt the data. The keys used to encrypt that data must also be protected from unauthorized use. There are several more parts to a secure system, and we are experienced in protecting some of the world's most closely-guarded information.


Each system we build is designed from the ground up to be fully redundant so that no single point of failure can bring down the whole system. We design monitoring solutions into each system so that small problems don't turn into big ones.


Our systems are designed by talented User Experience and User Interface designers to ensure they are user friendly and fit into the workflow. This makes the systems easy to learn and allows users who are familiar with their jobs to leverage that knowledge easily and painlessly.


Our goal is to over deliver what we promise and to deliver it on time every time. We have a proven track record and are committed to the successful deployment of every system we develop. We work with our clients at every stage of the project from initial planning and requirements gathering all the way through final deployment and user acceptance testing.