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StreamComm is an experienced team that has developed everything from crime analysis systems to mobile apps and large-scale systems handling millions of users.

Communication& Accountability

We strive to treat our clients as partners throughout the entire development process by communicating progress and roadblocks early and often. This is one of the reasons our projects are on-time and within budget.

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We have developed some of the world's most popular mobile apps and the back-end services to support them. We build apps for both Android and iOS devices, and both tablets and phones.

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We have streamlined the software development process and have several years of experience in making software "just work" the first time. Our goal is to develop usable real-world solutions without disrupting your existing business processes.

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INTEGRATIONof Various Systems

Whether it is a simple desktop application, or a complex multi-site system, we have the knowledge and expertise to integrate with it. We are experts at finding out what makes systems work and designing and building a solution that makes disparate systems talk to each other as one integrated system.

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836 E. Renfro St.
Suite 218
Burleson, TX 76028

Phone: (214) 784-7232