About StreamComm

StreamComm specializes in the design and development of mision-critical software and networking systems that are of the highest quality and are user-friendly. We have some of the world's top software developers, user interface and user experience designers, and project managers available to dedicate to any project.

Company History

Founded in 1999, StreamComm intially developed an Internet broadcasting system for the stock market. The StreamComm Squawkbox allowed market makers to speak the prices of stocks, options, and commodities to traders around the world in real-time. This enabled traders to act on market moves before the pit traders typed the latest prices into the quoting systems!

In 2000, StreamComm won the contract to develop Go2Call.Com's VoIP calling platform. Go2Call's users used a web site to place calls to real phone numbers around the world. At its peak, Go2Call.Com had over 500,000 users and handled thousands of simultaneous calls.

Since then, StreamComm has designed and developed several projects including:

  • VoiceWeaver - The technology behind Skype.
  • A crime analysis system for police departments.
  • A counter-terrorism system including facial recognition and behavior analysis.
  • The network monitoring system used by the Department of Defense.
  • Large retail chain's in-store television broadcasting system.
  • Multiple high-traffic e-commerce websites integrated with vendors using EDI.
  • An assembly-line software system for a high-end hardware repair company.
  • Yellow Pages mobile app for large phone book publisher.
  • Weather apps, news apps, social network apps, podcasting apps, and others.